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General FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about our business.

Discover the storage building solution for all of your needs with Hinton Buildings, the North Carolinian, South Carolinian, and Virginian provider. The team offers customizable designs and construction for any size, featuring premium materials, and provides maintenance and repair services too. Enjoy their great customer service and competitive prices.

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Old Hickory Buildings.  Hinton Buildings is an authorized dealer for the top portable storage building manufacturers in North America.  With over 900 dealers in the United States and Canada, Old Hickory Buildings represents thousands of buildings being constructed and delivered each month.   Hinton Buildings has been consistently a top dealer in North Carolina and in North

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Great question!  We have three locations in Eastern North Carolina.  Our first location in Princeton was opened in 2015.  Our second in Dunn was opened in 2018.  Finally, our newest location in Kinston was opened in 2022, since then we have moved the Kinston location to La Grange in November of 2023. Any of our

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Hinton Buildings Opens First LocationIn 2015, after returning from working four years in Afghanistan, owner Ryan Malham (against the wishes of his wife, Christy) moved forward with selling wooden and metal buildings at the Princeton location. Things did not go well. After poor sales and lots of frustrating days without sales, Ryan eventually had to return

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