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  • The Zula System is a combination of a Solar panel and a 3 powerful fan box.
    It is designed with 2 fans blowing air into the room and 1 fan facing outside to blow the old air out of the room or building.
    The Zula system provides up to 630 cubic feet per minute per system.
    The minimum recommendation is to have 1 unit per 350 SQFT room and have 2 units for a 2 car garage space
    The more units added in the room will improve the air movement in the room/ building based on the used of the room.
    When ordering the Zula system, you will receive 3 items in the box.
    1 Solar Panel - All black 30W solar panel (21.25" x 15")
    1 Zula Unit - ABS plastic housing with build-In fans (21" x 14.5" x 1.75" depth)
    1 on/off switch 

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